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Has your child been scuffing their shoes too much? Has your high heel snapped or are the soles of your shoes wearing thin?


Whatever types of shoe repairs you require, and whatever types of shoes you have, we can help with any requests no matter what size your feet!

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For shoe repairs, key cutting or engraving, call us today on

If you've just taken on a new tenant in your property of if you need a spare key for your partner, we can help.


You can use our sit and wait service while we cut any key of yours. We'll have door keys completed as fast as possible for your convenience and can cut all key types.

Key cutting services

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If you've got your big day coming up and

want a personal inscription on the wedding

rings, let us know the message and we'll

engrave it.


For any other engravings, including for

metals such as flasks, signs, trophies and

more, you've come to the right place. No

matter how big or small, we'll be able to help.

Engraving for any metal

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More than just a

shoe shop

That's Shoe Business provide top quality service and products ranging from shoe repairs, to key cutting to ring engraving. We have more than 37 years of experience, opening our shop in 2002.

Convenient shoe repairs

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Men's and women's shoes


"I needed keys made, these guys made me keys.


I could end there, since basically I had a job that needed to get done and it got done. But I won't. Because this shop is nice and you should go in.


It's not flashy, it makes keys and repairs shoes. But it's got smiling guys behind the counter who jump to help you when you come in. They work fast and they're reasonably priced and they're also right in the middle of the food market, so if you get hungry when they're done, you can eat everything.


Even the name is fun. Who runs a shoe repair and key business and makes a pun out of their name? One who has some personality, that's who.


There are other key makers and shoe places in the area, but if you need either done, this is where I would send you. Five stars easily earned."


Alex S. (9/8/2016)